The Healthy Parenting and Mentoring Program is designed to provide support, education and resources to parents and young children. Early intervention and support gives parents the confidence, knowledge and tools for healthy and effective parenting. The program is a long term, voluntary and flexible to fit each individual family’s needs. There is no cost to the family.

What will participants gain from the program?

  • Self-esteem and confidence to be a terrific parent with the support and encouragement of the program’s advocates.
  • New and improved parenting skills
  • Healthy relationship and co-parenting skills
  • Knowledge about appropriate child development and safety
  • Life skills to increase your opportunity to improve your education and employment
  • New and positive relationships
  • Opportunity to win prizes and earn rewards

For more information about this program, please contact Adrienne Gliha-Bell at 518-260-6834 or